An Ode to our lost socks

Today is a day dedicated to all of our sock soldiers missing in action. There are very few mysteries in life that are as perplexing as the missing sock dilemma. No matter how hard we try to keep our soldiers paired, one inevitably vanishes without a trace. Lost Sock Memorial Day is a day to honor these fallen soldiers.

To honor your lost soldiers, have a moment of silence for those missing in action.

In need of some new sock soldiers to add to your army? Here are a few of our favorite sock brands:

Stance Socks:

Stance Socks have been around since 2009, and in their first 6 years of business, they sold over 36 million pairs of socks! To say the least, they're a big hit! 

From simple to funky, Stance Socks' range is incredible!


Happy Socks:

Happy Socks are high-quality socks that are colorful tools for spreading happiness! They have been bringing happiness and color to every corner of the globe since 2008.


Sexy Socks:

Sexy Socks is "where your ankles meet your social conscience". Their mission is to provide every child in South Africa with a pair of socks. For every pair of socks purchased, Sexy Socks donate a pair of socks to a child in need! 

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