Back to Campus 2020 Fashion Trends

The beginning of the new year means two things: First, that it’s time to get back to class, and second: new fashion trends. 

As we all know, in the world of fashion, history always repeats itself. We’re currently still recycling those 90’s and early 2000's trends that our younger selves probably said we would never do. 

So, without any further ado, here are a few of the 2020 trends

Monochromatic – Matching two-piece outfits have made a huge comeback!

Tie-Dye – Tie-dye, as well as other fun dye designs, are making a huge splash, even Versace is jumping on this trend.

Plaid pants – Be bold in vintage-inspired plaid bottoms.

Hawaiian Shirts  - The typical “wish you were here” shirt worn on every holiday postcard in the 90s. 

Cross-body bags – the perfect accessory to hold your sneaker wipes!

Tattoo print tops – This one isn’t just for the girls. Outshine Harry Styles and make Gwen Stefani reminisce about the time she was the ultimate cool girl.

Bandanas – The bandana is BACK! 

 Newsboy hats – It’s a trend that keeps on giving.

Every one of these fashion trends pairs perfectly well with your favorite pair of sneakers however nothing ruins an outfit more than a dirty pair!

Be sure to keep your kicks looking just as on point as the rest of your outfit this year with some of our Sneaker LAB products!

Our Sneaker Wipes and Leather Wipes are quick and convenient - making them a student's best friend! Simply pop them in your cross-body/laptop bag and you're good to go.

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