Back to Gym

Now that February has begun - the ‘real’ January - it’s time to finally start with those pesky New Year’s resolutions that you set for yourself on the first day of the year. After the festive season binge, nearly everyone sets themselves the resolution to get back to the gym!

With stats showing that 80% of those individuals who set themselves health and fitness resolutions fail to live up to them by February, February is the perfect, more realistic, time to start afresh!

Sneaker LAB has your back! Put your best foot forward and step back into the gym with confidence with fresh sneakers! Our environmentally friendly product range will be your go-to in keeping your trainers in check. Our two product recommendations to support your fitness regime; our Odor Protector, to keep all unwanted odors from your hardcore workouts at bay and our Sneaker Wipes, for that quick on-the-go clean.

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