Clean. Sneaker Laundry Powered By Sneaker LAB

Introducing Clean. Sneaker Laundry Powered by Sneaker LAB at Story.

We’ve teamed up with Story to give you the best treatment your sneakers can get, serviced by professionals who understand sneakers, all while keeping the environment in mind. The greenest, cleanest Sneaker Laundry in South Africa.


After our collaboration with Story on our Sneaker Wipes, we wanted to provide a premium sneaker cleaning service for sneakerheads in Cape Town. Drop your sneakers off in-store at 66 Buitengracht St, Cape Town City Centre, Cape Town, 8000.

View the full service offering below and plan your next Sneaker Laundry Day with Clean! Powered by Sneaker LAB!

Clean. Sneaker Laundry Menu


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