COVID-19 Is Catching A Ride On Your Shoes

Help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by keeping your shoes clean!

The US Centre for Disease Control reported on a study which found that shoes may be an important factor in spreading COVID-19. The study found a 100% positivity rate on a pharmacy floor where no patients were permitted, with a 50% positivity rate found on nurses’ shoes who worked in the ICU where COVID-19 patients were being treated.

It is not new knowledge that our shoes are carriers for germs. A study reported in 2016 found that the soles of shoes can gather an average of 440 000 bacteria within the first two weeks of their wear, and up to 8 million after three months. As a community constantly on the go, we track bacteria, viruses, and fungi with us, where ever we go. In fact, the study reported that 90% of the germs we carry into our homes find their way onto your clean floors, which may transfer to items like the comfy sofa you sit on every night, or your kitchen counter where you prepare your food.

The current pandemic shines a light on how we need to change our behavior in order to protect ourselves from pathogens, viruses, and potential diseases. We are all sanitizing and washing our hands every few minutes to keep us protected, but what about our shoes?

Disinfectants and harsh chemical-based soaps can be very hard on the delicate fabrics and glues of your shoes, and this is why we recommend a greener alternative to keep your soles clean and your homes safe.

Sneaker LAB’s probiotic cleaning solutions are gentle on your shoes, but hard on germs.

Our solutions are formulated from probiotic bacteria that act as workhorses to degrade dirt and remove stains from your shoes. Research now shows that our cleaning formula can also play a part in protecting you against pathogens.

A study in 2017 showed that microbial-based cleaning products, like that of Sneaker LAB’s Sneaker Cleaner, can decrease pathogen load on surfaces by up to 90% more than conventional cleaners. What makes products like these so effective is the prevention of the recontamination phenomenon.

Standard cleaners and disinfectants remove all surface microorganisms, allowing pathogens to contaminate the surface more easily after the surface has been cleaned. The study reported that the recontamination of pathogens can happen in as quickly as 30 minutes!

Probiotic cleaning solutions work differently. By flooding the surface with good bacteria, it doesn’t allow pathogens any room to recontaminate the area, possibly preventing disease and illness. A study reported that after using a probiotic-based cleaning solution for one month, the probiotic bacteria in the solution made up 70% of the entire population of microorganisms on the treated surface. This helps to keep the good bacteria in and pathogens out.

But what are good bacteria? The bacteria used in our solution are found everywhere in nature, in your garden, your home, and even in your gut, and have been reported to have no impact on plants or animals. By adding good bacteria to your soles, you can prevent pathogens from catching a ride on your shoes, because you’ve actively taken part in out-competing the bad bacteria.

In the face of a global pandemic, the way we think about cleaning has changed. Instead of cleaning when we can see things are dirty, we need to clean before things become dirty. Sneaker LAB’s Sneaker Cleaner is the perfect partner in preventing your shoes from contaminating your home with germs, just make sure you spray your soles with Sneaker Cleaner before you go outside.

A need for innovation in the way we clean is evident, the future of cleaning is now. 

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