Help us Raise R67 000 this Mandela Day

‘You can’t teach a hungry child’.


The latest University of Cape Town report reveals 3 out of 4 children go hungry every day because 30% of our population live in poverty with food insecurity. This and the occurrence of COVID-19 has heavily impacted the lives of school children in the Western Cape. For many children, they depend on meals provided by the school and with schools only now opening up gradually, this period has been a struggle.

At Sneaker LAB, we have partnered with PSFA to feed 3 different schools over the past year and look to contribute more with the help of our community by challenging you to donate what you can to help feed school children in the Western Cape.

We have set a goal of raising R67 000 to help feed school children and help nurture the minds of our youth this Mandela Day. We will be contributing R10 000 on top of our yearly contribution to kickstart this campaign.

Here is a breakdown of how your money can impact the youth of the Western Cape:

  • Feed a Child for a Month R62 per Month
  • Feed a Child for a Year R450 per Year
  • Feed a Class for a Year R13,500 per Year
  • Sponsor a Food Parcel for a Household R155 per Month

Thank you and please consider donating and sharing this to help hit our target 👟


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