Meet Adindarays: Custom Sneaker & Denim Art

Known as Adindarays, Adinda Rayan grabbed our attention through customising Air Force 1s and various denim pieces with some eye catching illustrations.

We chatted with Adinda about who she is, what she does, and where you can purchase some of her inspiring creations.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

I am Adinda Rayan, 22 year old artist from Sydney, Australia who specialises in hand-drawn and painted custom sneakers to denim wear. I collaborate with my customers to deliver a wearable piece of art. I began customising under the name Adindarays and now I aspire to make my side hustle my full-time job! 

"I aim to create pieces that you hold dear to your heart! A sense of nostalgia and a sense of exclusivity. Moving forward you will see a lot of digital artworks too!"

2. What was your inspiration in customising sneakers and clothes?

3 years ago I came across an image of a Sailormoon custom Air Force, I fell in love with the concept of DIY shoes. Back then the only artists who were customising were in the United States or Europe. I had a specific design that no one else could carry out, particularly in Australia. From there I created my first ever custom, Studio Ghibli inspired AF1.

The inspiration for custom clothes was thanks to Sydney store Playground Vintage. They reached out and pitched the idea of custom denim. I never believed I was capable of creating designs on clothing but their belief in me allowed me to expand my work!

3. What has been your favorite design, and why?

Definitely my Cherub Angels on an Air Force 1. It was the first time I tried to mimic a renaissance art style and was very happy with the outcome. In school, painting was not my strong point, drawing was. I believe this design is an example of my painting skills improving and I had fun creating it.

4. What/who do you draw inspiration from?

I draw a lot of inspiration from my childhood TV shows and movies, particularly anime. Most of my works reflect a sense of nostalgia. I love that I am able to paint familiar images onto popular accessories and clothing today.

I also draw a lot of inspiration from Japanese Culture! The art style, in particular, is so beautiful. The way the culture is able to highlight the simplest things is inspiring. Trying to implement that into my work is always a nice challenge.

5. What is your favorite fabric/sneaker to work with?

Denim is the perfect fabric to work with. Denim is thick enough that the paint does not damage the quality of the fabric.

For a sneaker definitely the Nike Air Force 1. It is the easiest leather shoe to draw and paint on, not to mention a popular white sneaker!

6. What's your favorite sneaker?

Jordan Retro 1 High! In particular OG White/Black-Red.
More recently I am in love with the Air Jordan 1 Mid SE Fearless x Maison Chateau Rouge.Air Jordan 1 Mid SE Fearless x Maison Chateau Rouge

7. Where can people purchase your work?

You are able to purchase and enquire about items through my website, here

Alternatively, for denim pieces, Playground Vintage’s tab Remade and Custom, here

Lastly, through The Custom Movement, here.

Make sure to check out her Instagram to check out her amazing work!

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