Sneaker LAB Cleaning Hacks

Sneaker LAB has created a cleaning solution that, not only, is eco-friendly but it also cleans brilliantly without the use of harmful chemicals!

Did you know that our Sneaker Wipes and Sneaker Cleaner can be used for more than just sneakers?

Here are some Sneaker LAB Sneaker Cleaner and Sneaker Wipe Hacks for you:

A Sneaker Cleaner that’s not just for sneakers:

Sneaker LAB’s Sneaker Cleaner can be used as an alternative to any of your cleaning products and can be used on all surfaces! Our Sneaker Cleaner is non-toxic, does not contain any harsh chemicals and is safe for humans and the environment.

Keep your clothes fresh:

If you’re a clumsy human who constantly spills things and always wonders how you actually got that stain on your new shirt then our Sneaker Wipes are just what you need! They’re perfect for on-the-go cleaning and are travel friendly too, and by ‘travel’ we mean that quick snack run you go on at least three times a week and inevitably spill something on yourself.

Freshen up your electronics:

We are all guilty of forgetting to wipe down our electronics, be it our phones, computer screens or our electronic cables. Grab one of our convenient and on-the-go Sneaker Wipes and wipe down all your tech followed by a dry towel wipe down. Our wipes are perfectly safe to us on electronic screens and are a safe and effective way to keep your electronics looking brand new! 

Keep your car clean:

Everyone LOVES a clean ride, and we all make that mistake of leaving dirty finger marks all over the show. Sneaker Wipes can be used to clean pretty much the whole interior of your car! Wipe away those sticky fingers and stubborn dirt marks.

It’s a glorified wet wipe:

Our Sneaker Wipe can be used for all the same reasons as the commonly known and used convenient wet wipe. Touched something sticky? Sneaker Wipe it is! Germaphobe who hates handles? Sneaker Wipe it is! Sneaker Wipes are quick, easy, convenient and you can definitely fit a few in your bag or wallet for while you on-the-go!

Make playtime clean and safe:

We all know that kids play-time can involve some mess, whether it be food or dirt, our Sneaker Cleaner or Sneaker Wipes will do the trick. It’s simple, whip out some Sneaker Cleaner, spray down the toys and give it a quick scrub! Due to the fact that our Sneaker Cleaner is non-toxic and contains no chemicals, it can be used to keep all of your child’s toys and playthings squeaky clean!

Refresh your linen:

Our Sneaker Cleaner is non-allergenic, so it’s a great little friend to take with you on holidays to spray your pillows down with to ensure a sound and clean night's rest.

Clean seats for all:

Our Sneaker Cleaner and Sneaker Wipes can be used to keep all of your furniture clean and fresh! That living room sofa has most definitely experienced all kinds of snack spills and probably has some evidence from your kids that can easily be cleaned and wiped away allowing for the next seat taker to get a fresh seat!

We hope that these helpful hacks help you hack your way through any sticky situation!

Our natural cleaning solutions are environmentally friendly.

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