Sneaker LAB wipe hacks for a DIY Dad!

The ‘dad’ style has earned itself noticeable points in the streetwear community, from the ‘dad’ sweats to the ‘dad’ sneakers! 

We have some handy Sneaker LAB Sneaker Wipe tips and hacks for the DIY dad! With more families having to now spend more time at home, these tips may come in handy.

Freshen up your electronics:

Children love touching screens and leaving their cute little fingerprints all over your electronics! Sneaker LAB Sneaker Wipes are safe to use on all electronics, so grab a wipe and give that keyboard and screen a good clean!

Keep your DIY tools clean:

Use Sneaker Wipes to make sure that your tools and toolbox is always up to scratch. 

Cover up for the kids:

Regardless of whether it’s a food stain on your child’s brand new outfit or your own for that matter or a few scribbles on the neighbor’s bedroom wall, our Sneaker Wipes will be able to get rid of any stains or Picasso-like wall drawings!

Keep your leathers nourished:

Our Leather Wipes are perfect for nourishing and protecting all things leather! That leather laptop bag you got for your birthday about 5 years ago has probably never been given any TLC, it’s better late than never! Or how about treating that leather car interior to a good wipe down. Protect your investment!

Clean your sporting equipment:

Whether you’re a golfer or a tennis player, we’ve got you covered! Make sure that you always have the cleanest and best-kept equipment in your crew!

Happy Father’s Day to all dads and father figures out there!

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