Sneaker LAB Wipe Hacks for Super Moms!

Mothers are pretty much superhumans, juggling a million different tasks at once and still managing to keep their heads on straight! Today, most moms are also trying to give their kids the best through healthier and greener lifestyles. Lucky you, our product is environmentally friendly and free of any harsh chemicals, ensuring you and your little ones are safe and sorted!

We have put together 5 ingenious ways to use our wipes to make all moms lives a little easier, and bags a little lighter:

Keep your handbag looking as good as new

While handbags are a mother's superweapon, they are also timeless pieces. They tie together any outfit and hold pretty much every little essential item we need! Sneaker LAB’s Leather Wipes are a quick, easy, and convenient way to keep your leather handbag looking and feeling brand new!

Remove stains from your children's clothing

Children can be messy little creatures, they’re often spilling things on themselves and around them, but let’s also not forget about the copious amount of times you’ve spilled coffee on yourself first thing on Monday morning! To the rescue - Our Sneaker Wipes! A quick and handy stain remover for those messy moments to keep your children's (and your own) clothing clean. The perfect hack for any messy moments!

Keeping your car interior clean

Admit it, as a mother who’s daily life entails multitasking on all levels, the only time your car is actually looking top notch is just after you’ve sent it in for a full wash and valet! Avoid that cringe-worthy dirty car moment and use our convenient Sneaker Wipes to help maintain your car's fresh odor and interiors appearance while you're on the move.

Big respect to all you dedicated Moms! Happy Mother’s Day to all of the superwomen out there!


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