Sneaker Lab X FILA Mindblower


Sneaker Lab was founded in South Africa in 2012. The company created a full, comprehensive range of biotech and environmentally friendly products to suit all sneaker and shoe care requirements. All products are water based, function on a molecular level and continue to work long after application. Sneaker Lab’s solutions are 100% biodegradable and packaged in materials suitable for recycling. They are tough enough to clean yet gentle on the environment.


The FILA Mindblower x Sneaker Lab shoe blends Sneaker Lab’s premium aesthetic with FILA’s heritage and fashion. The sneaker was designed to be very subtle yet premium, with a touch of color to highlight both brands and the use of nu buck and suede. The material choice is also meant to emphasize Sneaker Lab’s unique ability to protect and clean even the most delicate premium materials.​


The Sneaker Lab x FILA Mindblower shoe will be available online and in-store starting April 20th. 


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