#thefutureisfemale ft. Female-owned brands we LOVE!

With International Women’s Day falling at the beginning of March, we are celebrating and highlighting fierce females around the globe throughout the month!

With that being said, we want to share some female-owned brands within the fashion realm that are doing their best to inspire, empower and change the world.

Here are four female-owned fashion brands that we absolutely LOVE!

Rave Review: 

Founded in 2014 by Swedish designers Josephine Bergqvist and Livia Schück, Rave Review is an edgy and unexpected clothing line made completely out of upcycled and reclaimed fabrics. This dynamic duo has successfully made high-end fashion sustainable.

“Fashion does not have to harm the planet.”

The fashion system’s tendency for overproduction and mass consumption has given life to Rave Review as their collections only use pre-existing materials and unconventional fabrics such as upcycled and vintage blankets, bed-sheets and tablecloths. Their collections are also made up of dead-stock and second-hand fabrics and denims.

Their vision is to become one of the first high-end fashion lines with a circular business model, using only recycled and recyclable materials. The main idea behind the brand is to show how creative and fun remaking can be! They believe that both upcycling and remaking hold huge promises for the future of the fashion industry!

Find out more about this sustainable brand on their website!


Veronica D’Souz, the Danish founder of Carcel, had the idea of starting the label whilst she was living in Nairobi. Carcel was started to create an alternative way of fashion. By setting up their own supply chain they have the ability to create social impact and reduce their environmental footprint. They have built their own production sites inside of women’s prisons where there is little to no opportunity for financial independence.

Whilst living in Kenya, D’Souz visited a women’s prison and found that poverty is the key factor when it comes to the reasons for why women commit crimes that result in a prison sentence. Carcel has created a safe environment for these women to gain new skills, earn fair wages, and to provide for their families. The women share their traditional skills with D’Souz and her creative director and partner Louise, and together they create seasonless and timeless quality items using natural and local materials.

By going into areas where there is a high poverty crime rate, as well as where the best and most sustainable materials can be found, Carcel has transformed lost time into fair wages, skills and hopes for a better future, whilst delivering high-quality products that last! Carcel’s principle is to only use natural, pure, and locally sourced materials as living materials are biodegradable, friendly to the environment and pure luxury!

Find out more about this incredible brand on their website!

Birdsong London:

Co-founded by Sophie Slater and Sarah Neville, Birdsong London is a clothing line that empowers women while giving back to the community. You can truly shop guilt-free from Birdsong, with inclusive sizes ranging from 2-24, they use biodegradable fabric, and the items are made by low-income migrant women based in Tower Hamlets (for a London Living Wage) and posted out by a Camden-based charity, working with adults with learning disabilities.

Their mission is to connect women to each other and to revolutionize the way that they dress. Sarah and Sophie want to use fashion to celebrate our bodies and honor the labor that goes into creating each and every piece. Birdsong promises certainty about the origin of their clothing — they know their makers personally, and regularly share their stories online. Their hope is that their brand can serve to inspire women to feel good in their own skin, in an industry addicted to Photoshop and filters. Birdsong aims to be an ethical fashion brand championing women, from workers to wearers.

Birdsong designs remarkable clothes made by remarkable women for women who dress in protest. Wearing their clothing is a protest against the fast nature of the fashion industry, against the aggressive and obsessive pursuit of trends and against the systematic abuse of women in the production line.

Find out more about this remarkable brand on their website!

Muzungu Sisters

Muzungu Sisters is a brand of ethically sourced, handmade clothing and accessories launched by Dana Alikhani and Tatiana Santo Domingo. The idea for the label was born when Dana finished her master’s in Human Rights at Colombia University. Her aim was to create an online retail portal that promotes fair labor practices by showcasing artisan-crafted goods from around the world. The duo created a revolutionary concept of providing the global online retail market with products handcrafted by local artisans from diverse cultures. Working with female artisans in 15 different countries, the Muzungu Sisters' clothing line supports women all the way from India to Hungary. 

In South India, their fabrics are woven by a cooperative of women artisans, who alongside men, support ancient weaving practices. In South Africa, they commission an ethical workshop of women from the informal settlements to make sustainable swimwear (made of recycled plastic bottles). In Sicily, one of the last remaining women to make baskets by hand makes their Sicilian basket.

Muzungu Sisters strive to uphold cultural respect and social responsibility, abiding by the principles of leaving no human footprint behind. Everything produced by the brand is produced under ethical working conditions. By exposing the products to a global audience and new markets, it is guaranteed that the artisans sustain their personal and communal livelihoods in a way that still respects their own personal and cultural practices.

Each piece from Mzungu Sisters is a timeless heirloom that is designed to last a lifetime. The brand only uses natural, sustainable, biodegradable materials that leave a minimal trace, as they believe in a conscious, conservative approach to consumption.

Find out more about this conscious brand on their website!

All of these women have created something special, something sustainable, and something that respects not only the consumer but the whole process revolving around their products. They have dedicated themselves to altruistic projects. Projects that empower their own creativity, the lives of others, and the environment. Ethical and sustainable fashion is the way to go!

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