Sneaker Lab: Who We Are? What We Do?

With the dozens of shoe cleaners out there, it can be difficult to choose the right option for you. All cleaners work the same way and we should base our purchase on which one is the most expensive because that means it obviously works the best, right? Wrong. We are going to break down who we are, why we do what we do, what we have been up to, and why were are the best choice for you.
Who is Sneaker Lab?
Sneaker Lab is the scientific authority on sneaker care.  Established in 2012 in South Africa, Sneaker Lab was created from a passion for sneakers and the environment. It all started with an idea to create an eco-friendly biotech driven, premium shoe care brand. All products are water based, function on a molecular level and continue to work long after application. Our solutions are also 100% biodegradable and packaged in materials suitable for recycling. In order for the solution to work with all sneakers and fabrics, we had to also ensure it was safe and gentle enough to not damage your favorite sneakers – and we succeeded.  Now located throughout all major regions of the world, Sneaker Lab has established a culture in which you can clean, care, and protect your shoes in a new, scientific and eco-friendly way!
What is Eco-Friendly biotechnology?
Sneaker Lab cleans, cares, and protects your kicks with little to no environmental impact. Instead of using soaps or harsh chemicals, we have replaced them with a pro-bacterial technology that is environmentally friendly. We grow beneficial bacteria, the same bacteria that nature uses to biodegrade organic waste, in massive concentrations. The pro-bacteria  will stay active as long as they have food and the right living conditions to survive in! This means that even after you clean your shoes, the bacteria can stay alive for up to two to three days continuing to clean your kicks.
Why choose Sneaker Lab?
Sneakers have quickly become an important part of streetwear culture and what we have on your feet can easily be the coolest part of our outfit, so it is important that our shoes stay as clean as possible. Since we do not use any soaps or harsh chemicals in our cleaner, you do not have to worry about any type of fading or discoloration in your shoes! Sneaker Lab offers a range of products that not only clean, but protect and deodorize.
 What is being Green Tag certified?
We are officially the only shoe cleaner in the world to be Green Tag certified! Apart from ditching soaps and chemicals and in turn being 100% biodegradable, our packaging and bottles are made from recyclable materials! Green Tag is one of the world’s most trusted, and widely recognized ecolabels. They independently assure every product is fitness tested and certified under one of our two leading certification programs that use the world’s best scientific methods.
What have we been up to?
Apart from just being a shoe care product, we like to collaborate with brands and artists to unify the gap between skate, art, streetwear and sneaker culture. Take a look at some of the events we have held and are proud to have been a part of.
What product is right for you?
Sneaker Cleaner
A proprietary biodegradable formula for lifting dirt and stains. The pro-bacterial solution is tough on dirt and stains yet gentle enough for all fabrics and materials, even suede. Sneaker LAB Sneaker Cleaner is 100% biodegradable, non-toxic and good for the environment. It even continues to clean after use!
Sneaker Protector
Sneaker Protector is a water based treatment that acts as an invisible protective barrier against everyday dirt and stains. The Sneaker Protector functions to keep shoes looking newer and cleaner for long lasting protection.
Odor Protector
Refreshes and removes unwanted foot odor through a mixture of natural bacteria. Sneaker Lab Odor Protector actively eliminates the bacteria that is causing a bad odor in your shoes at a microscopic scale. Unlike products that cover up bad odor by using perfume-like products, Odor Protector prevents those smells from coming back even after the initial application.
Leather Care
Sneaker LAB Leather Care is a water based cream that combines proprietary nutrients and sealants to protect and nourish leather helping to restore that ‘new shoe” look and finish. Leather Care protects against UV rays, keeping your leather shoes protected as well. It prevents white leather shoes like AF1s from yellowing due to sun damage.
Premium Brush
Made from bamboo with sturdy bristles, the premium sneaker brush works best with Sneaker Lab pro-bacterial sneaker cleaner. Our brush is hard enough to get into those tough to reach places, yet soft enough to where it will not scratch your leather on your Jordans, or pull knitting from your Yeezy’s.
Basic Kit
Everything you need, nothing you don’t. The Sneaker LAB Basic Shoe Cleaning Kit includes all the essential cleaning elements to keep your sneakers clean and crisp. These two cleaning elements come in resealable ziplock pouch. The compact size of the basic kit allows for easy packing when traveling.
Premium Kit
The Sneaker LAB Premium Shoe Cleaning Kit combines the four essential cleaning elements to keep your sneakers fresh. These four cleaning elements come is an easy resealable velcro travel pouch, keeping your kit, neat and tidy.
Sneaker Wipes
Premium wipes is the perfect tool to remove the loosened dirt after scrubbing your pair of sneakers. The premium wipe can easily be disposed of after leaving your sneaker spotless. Even better the solution in the wipe cleans at a microscopic level long after your sneaker has been wiped down.
Leather Wipes
Sneaker LAB Leather Wipes is a water based cream that combines proprietary nutrients and sealants to protect and nourish leather helping to restore that ‘new shoe” look and finish.
Deluxe Kit
The Deluxe Kit encompasses all of the Sneaker LAB’s essential cleaners and protectors, packaged in a premium box. Each product is held in place with high density foam to ensure the products remain in their place.
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