How To Clean New Balance 327

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How To Clean New Balance 327
We got our hands on a dirty pair of New Balance 327 sneakers and we thought to document the cleaning process to show you the best way to look after your sneakers.

The 327 debuted in 2020 as “the ultimate leisure shoe”. The model is inspired by runners from the 1970s – namely the New Balance 320 (1976), New Balance 355 (1977), and New Balance SuperComp (1977). The silhouette instantly became a hit for New Balance and has since become a go-to-sneaker for most sneakerheads.
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We used the products found in our Premium Kit and our Leather Care to clean and look after this pair. The Premium Kit consists of our Sneaker Cleaner, Sneaker Protector, Odor Protector and Premium Brush.
Step 1:

First you will need to prepare your shoes for a deep clean! Remove the laces from the shoes and set them aside as you will clean those at a later stage. Grab our Premium Brush and dry brush off any excess dirt that may be laying on the surface of the shoe.
Step 2:

Spray Sneaker Cleaner around the uppers of the sneakers and focus on the heavily dirtied areas. Then grab our Premium Brush and then dip into a container of water. Start scrubbing in a circular motion. The water and Sneaker Cleaner solution will react together creating a form that will remove the dirt on the sneakers.

Step 3:

You will then turn your attention to the soles of the sneakers - you can follow the same process as before but can use more force if necessary to remove any stubborn dirt on the soles of the sneakers.

Step 4:

Use our Microfiber Towel to dry off the excess moisture and the last remaining dirt. Next, you will set your sneakers aside to dry.

Step 5:

Whilst your sneakers are drying, you can start cleaning the laces. You will cup the laces in your hand and spray Sneaker Cleaner onto them. Strat rubbing them together in your hands and then dip into a clean container of water. Continue this process until the dirt is visibly removed. Use a Microfiber Towel to ring out the excess moisture and set aside to dry with your sneakers.

Step 6:

When your sneakers and laces are dry, you can do your laces up on the sneakers.

Step 7:

Next we will add our protective products. Firstly, use our Odor Protector to remove unwanted odors and prevent bad bacteria from building. If the inner soles are removable, take them out and spray the inside of the sneaker and the inner soles.
Step 8:

Next, use our Leather Care on the leather sections of this specific 327. If your 327s don't have leather you can skip this step. Leather Care will protect and nourish the leather panels and will prevent cracking.

Step 9:

Lastly, you will apply Sneaker Protector to create an invisible barrier against dirt and stains. This will also make cleaning easier in the future as it will prevent dirt from setting in.

Step 10:

Wear your shoes!

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