How To Clean Suede PUMA Shoes With Sneaker Cleaner

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How To Clean Suede PUMA Shoes With Sneaker Cleaner
Here's our guide on how to clean your Suede PUMA Shoes
Follow the steps below to get your sneakers looking fresh.
You will need the following Sneaker LAB products:
Sneaker Cleaner, Premium Brush, and Microfibre Towel.

Here are the steps:

1. Dry Brush: Take our Premium Brush and dry brush any surface dirt on the shoe.

2. Remove Laces: Remove laces, spray laces generously with cleaner and let soak in clean water.

3. Spray Sneaker Cleaner: Generously spray Sneaker Cleaner 15-20 cm away from shoes. We recommend 10-15 sprays per shoe. Spray solutions as needed.

4. Wet Brush: Dip Premium Brush in water and begin cleaning.

5. Deep Clean Shoes: Using Sneaker LAB's Premium Brush, scrub in one direction to avoid fraying of suede material. Wet brush again and repeat as needed.

6. Touch Up: Use a Sneaker LAB's Sneaker Wipes to touch up any hard to clean materials. Scrub in a circular motion while using Sneaker Wipe.

7. Wipe Shoe: Use Sneaker LAB's Microfiber Towel to wipe cleaner and dirt away. Let Dry: Let the shoe completely dry overnight.

8. Apply Sneaker Protector: Generously spray our Sneaker Protector to shield from dirt and grime while also making the shoes easier to clean next time.
Cleaning Tips:

- Remember to brush suede in one direction only to avoid fraying.
- Wipe shoe with completely clean and dry towel to avoid dirt transfer
- Dab and twist with towel to dry suede more effectively
- Let shoes completely dry before spray Sneaker Protector

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