How To Clean Suede PUMA Shoes With Sneaker Cleaner

Cleaning Suede PUMA Shoes With Sneaker Cleaner

  1. Dry Brush: Take our Premium Brush and dry brush any surface dirt on the shoe.
  2. Remove Laces: Remove laces, spray laces generously with cleaner and let soak in clean water.
  3. Spray Sneaker Cleaner: Generously spray Sneaker Cleaner 15-20 cm away from shoes. We recommend 10-15 sprays per shoe. Spray solutions as needed
  4. Wet Brush: Dip Premium Brush in water and begin cleaning.
  5. Deep Clean Shoes: Using Sneaker LAB's Premium Brush, scrub in one direction to avoid fraying of suede material. Wet brush again and repeat as needed. 
  6. Touch Up: Use a Sneaker LAB's Sneaker Wipes to touch up any hard to clean materials. Scrub in a circular motion while using Sneaker Wipe.
  7. Wipe Shoe: Use Sneaker LAB's Microfiber Towel to wipe cleaner and dirt away.
  8. Let Dry: Let the shoe completely dry overnight.
  9. Apply Sneaker Protector: Generously spray our Sneaker Protector to shield from dirt and grime while also making the shoes easier to clean next time.


Cleaning Tips:

  • Remember to brush suede in one direction only to avoid fraying.
  • Wipe shoe with completely clean and dry towel to avoid dirt transfer
  • Dab and twist with towel to dry suede more effectively
  • Let shoes completely dry before spray Sneaker Protector  


Products Used: 
Sneaker Cleaner + Premium Brush
Sneaker Protector
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