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How To get the New Balance 574 in Pink looking brand new using our Sneaker Care Range!
The 574 was originally built to be a reliable shoe. The unassuming, unpretentious versatility and display of different materials meshed with its hybrid road/trail design has launched the 574 into becoming a closest staple. The 574s are a solid mix of durability and comfort.
Step 1: First, you will need to prepare your shoes for a deep clean. Remove your laces from the sneakers and set them aside to be cleaned at a later stage. Grab our Premium Brush and dry brush off any excess dirt with focus on those heavily dirty spots.

Step 2: Spray our Sneaker Cleaner around the sneakers. Grab our Premium Brush and dip the brush into a container of water. Start scrubbing the upper which is made up of suede and mesh parts in a circular motion until foam appears. When cleaning the soft suede overlays of the sneaker, ensure you wipe the sections off with our Microfibre Towel and be mindful of excess water over-saturating these suede sections. Continue cleaning until dirt is completely removed from the surface of the sneaker.
Step 3: Use our Microfiber Towel to dry off any excess moisture along with remaining dirt. Set your sneakers aside to dry.

Step 4: Time to clean your laces! Spray our Sneaker Cleaner onto the laces. Start rubbing them together in your hands and then dip them into a clean container of water to create foam. Continue this process until the dirt is removed from the laces. Once satisfied, use a Microfiber Towel to ring out the excess moisture and set aside to dry.

Step 5: Once your sneakers and laces are dry, lace em up!


Step 6: Next, we will add our Protective Sprays. Firstly, use our Odor Protector within the soles of the sneaker to remove unwanted odors and prevent bacteria from building up. If the inner soles are removable, take them out and spray the inside of the sneaker and the inner soles.

Step 7: Lastly, spray our Sneaker Protector all around the exterior of the sneaker to prevent dirt and bacteria from setting in and in turn making your next clean easier.
You are now good to go in your squeaky clean New Balance 574s, feeling as Fresh as the day you got them!

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