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Everybody knows the struggle of Air Force Ones and how quickly they can get dirty.

Looking to give your Nike Air Force 1s a makeover? You've come to the right place! In this guide, we'll walk you through the step-by-step process to ensure your classic kicks return to their original colour and look as clean as the day you got them.
The timeless allure of the Nike Air Force 1 '07 endures, a basketball classic reimagined with contemporary flair.

Crafted with enduringly stitched overlays, sleek finishes, and just the right touch of flair to elevate your style. These kicks blend iconic style with enhanced durability and support. Initially crafted for top-tier basketball performance, the inclusion of Nike Air cushioning ensures lightweight, enduring comfort throughout the day.
Step 1: Begin by prepping your Air Force 1s for a thorough cleaning session. Start by unlacing your sneakers and carefully setting the laces aside for later cleaning. Make us of our Premium Brush to gently remove any excess dirt, paying particular attention to heavily dirty areas.

Step 2: Next, evenly apply our Sneaker Cleaner solution over the entire surface of the sneakers. Submerge our Premium Brush into a container of water and begin scrubbing the mesh upper in a circular motion until a foamy lather forms. Proceed to clean the outsole of the sneaker, ensuring to scrub until all dirt is lifted from the surface.

Step 3: Use our Microfiber Towel to blot away any lingering moisture and residual dirt from your Nikes. Allow the sneakers ample time to air dry naturally.

Step 4: Now, turn your attention to cleaning the laces. Spray our Sneaker Cleaner directly onto the laces. Rub them together in your palms, then submerge them into a fresh container of water to generate foam. Repeat this process until the laces are free from dirt and grime. Afterward, gently squeeze out excess moisture using a Microfiber Towel and set them aside to dry thoroughly.

Step 5: Once both your sneakers and laces have dried completely, proceed to lace up your Air Forces and get ready to hit your run in style!


Step 6: Apply our Odor Protector within the soles of your Air Forces to effectively eliminate unpleasant odors and hinder the growth of bacteria. Generously spray the interior of the sneaker.

Step 7: Following that, liberally spray our Sneaker Protector across the entirety of the sneaker's exterior to create a protective barrier against dirt and bacteria accumulation. This proactive step will streamline your next cleaning process while keeping your sneakers looking fresh for longer periods.

Step 8: Complete the cleaning process by applying our Leather Care solution to the leather outsole using a clean Microfiber towel. This treatment nourishes and safeguards, resulting in a fresh and polished appearance. Additionally, the conditioner shields your Air Forces from harmful UV rays and establishes a water-resistant barrier for added protection.


By following these steps, your Nike Air Force 1s will be pristine and ready to go, so lace up and step out feeling fresh.

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