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Apparel Refresh Spray is designed to neutralise the odor and bacteria left on your garment, making it possible for you to refresh and re-wear your favorite pieces while maintaining the cleanliness and condition of pieces from your collection.
Limiting frequent washing of garments in a washing machine that makes use of excessive amounts of water can very quickly lead to the discoloration and deterioration of materials found on your premium pieces.

Apparel Refresh is the perfect combatant.

Apparel Refresh is the perfect pick-me-up on those busy days when you have multiple places to be, or multiple people to see. All it takes is a few sprays on the surface of the garment from a short distance, and then left to air dry.

Apparel Refresh actively works for 72 hours, therefore provides cover on your item that will ensure the freshness stays for longer and your premium piece is safely guarded from unwanted bacteria as you take on the day.

Perfect to keep in your closet or bag for a quick refresh that will leave you and your favorite pieces feeling as fresh as ever.


1. Lightly and evenly spray the garment.

2. Allow the garment to air dry.

3. For spot cleaning: spray generously onto the stained area.

4. Use a soft brush or cloth to aid permeation. Air dry and repeat if necessary.


The reality is that no matter who you are or what kind of routine you have, stains and spills are inevitable.

From dirt, to makeup, to oil, to coffee you are bound to find yourself trying to clean your clothing pieces off and it only results in the spread of the substance onto your precious item of clothing.

As simple as tear, and wipe.

Apparel Refresh Wipes provide a fast and effective solution to clean and get rid of organic stains within seconds of foaming and rubbing the area. Once the stain has been removed, allow the area a few minutes to dry and return back to being as clean as the day you got it, stain-free while maintaining the garment's original texture.

These pocket-size lifesavers are the perfect on-the-move solution to combatting stains and spills without ruining your garment!

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