How Our Green Journey Is Going

At Sneaker LAB, we are driven to CLEAN, CARE, and PROTECT.

These are our three core pillars as a brand, and everything we do needs to account for at least one of them or lead to the improvement thereof. 

Cleaning is our game, it's what we do every day. It's why our products, and by extension our brand, exist. It's what we will continue to do for the foreseeable future. 

While cleaning may be the reason you know our name, we are also acutely aware that we also have a responsibility to both you, our consumers, and our precious earth. Where does our care and protect aspect come into play? We care enough to take care of the planet, you, and your sneakers by creating products that merge nature with science through the use of biotechnology to ensure we keep cleaning in the most environmentally friendly and sustainable way we possibly can.

This choice to be committed to a green journey has not been an easy one for our business. It's come with its own set of challenges that people don't often understand or have the time to get to know, and that's okay. We make it easy for you by assuring you that when you buy Sneaker LAB products, you are backing innovation in cleaning and sustainability. 

While it may be challenging, we thrive on the fact that it pushes us as a brand to be dynamic in all that we do and produce. One of our biggest promises for the year 2020 has been focussed around making all of our packaging being 100% recyclable. When it comes to product development, you always want to ensure that the quality either stays the same or improves. For example, this year, we celebrated the fact that our doy packs for all our kits have moved to be fully recyclable.

On the other hand, getting our Sneaker Wipes to be 100% recyclable has taken longer than expected. It's been a year of hurdles in this regard and we have tried a multitude of different materials, but 2021 will be our year in this field! We are already onto some exciting stuff to achieve our goal. In the meantime, we have reduced the plastic in our Sneaker Wipes packaging by 50%, and the actual wipe material is entirely recyclable. 

We are so committed to this promise that we are guaranteeing not to order any new stock from our factory in materials that are not 100% recyclable.

There will always be sneakers to clean, and we will continue to be committed to doing that as sustainably and dynamically as we possibly can.

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