Continuing to Feed Those in Need

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Continuing to Feed Those in Need
During the COVID 19 lockdown, we continue to support the PSFA, a local feeding fund in South Africa, during a time when children affected by poverty are unable to obtain their sole source of food while schools close.
Through the collective donations, we have been able to serve 4,200 children over a period of 16 days.
Daily nutritious meals have been prepared and are handed out at various community kitchens in the greater Cape Town area.
Donations allocated to purchasing the essential ingredients for food parcels, and the distribution of these parcels.

Any excess donations were also used to create 9,000+ food parcels.

These parcels were packaged and sent out to various communities throughout Cape Town. Family homes and areas with the most vulnerable were targeted to receive these essential food parcels.

With your support, we are able to give back! Thank you!

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