Earth Day 2022 - Invest In Our Planet

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Earth Day 2022 - Invest In Our Planet
As a brand that puts the environment first, Earth Day is a very important date on the calendar for us.
With our lifestyles as consumers becoming more ‘convenient’ and fast fashion allowing us to buy more, for less; the environmental cost of it all is becoming one that we can no longer afford to ignore.
SneakerLab Product 3
SneakerLab Product 3
"85% of all footwear and clothing goes to the dump each year"
Recent studies have shown that 85% of all footwear and clothing goes to the dump each year - the equivalent of one garbage truck full of clothes and shoes is burned or dumped in a landfill every second. Furthermore, 20% of the fashion and sneaker industry is responsible for all individual water pollution worldwide. Environmental damage is increasing as the industry grows.

So what is the solution?

We need to rethink how we shop and how we take care of the products that we have already purchased. The ultimate goal should be to ensure that we can prolong the life of what we have (reducing the amount that would otherwise inevitably end up in a landfill) and ensure that as little water is wasted in the process of washing and caring for these items.

Have you ever wondered just how bad using your washing machine is for the environment and for your sneakers?

Research shows that in countries such as Japan and North America, over 85% of the population own a washing machine. In just one run of a washing machine, between 60 -130 liters of water can be used. Not only is water wasted during this process, but the heated machine cycles also have a significant contribution to the emission of greenhouse gasses into our atmosphere.

The heated water further damages the fabric of your sneakers (sometimes causing them to shrink). As the high temperatures can melt and cause damage to the glue that holds them together, warping often occurs (which in turn affects their fit and performance).

While certain fabrics fair slightly better than others; putting your sneakers into the washing machine will always be an irreversible risk. The good news, however, is that there are other ways to ensure that you can keep your kicks looking clean and fresh without having to resort to the washing machine.

At Sneaker LAB, our aim is to assist in reducing the number of sneakers purchased, by encouraging consumers to take care of the ones they already own through cleaning in a conscious way. We make use of a unique, double-action cleaning power that works to effectively clean sneakers through the natural power of bacteria. An eco-friendly cleaning solution which allows for cleaning without the use of harmful chemicals. These concentrated biologicals contain both bacteria and enzymes which hyper-accelerate the breakdown of dirt and oils, cleaning your sneakers even after application (without the need for a washing machine).

A few of our products that you can make use of to ensure the longevity of your sneakers:

Sneaker Cleaner: An environmentally friendly and biodegradable cleaning solution which works brilliantly with our Premium Brush, eliminating the need for a washing machine.

Leather Care: A water-based cream that combines propriety nutrients and sealants to nourish and protect leather (restoring the ‘new shoe’ look), protecting sneakers from UV rays and creating a water-resistant seal.

Sneaker Protector: A water-based formula which keeps your sneakers looking fresher for longer through acting as an invisible protective barrier against dirt and stains (making repeat cleaning easier).

Sneaker Wipes: Saturated with our biodegradable Sneaker Cleaner solution and being small enough to be taken anywhere – they are the perfect tool for on-the-go sneaker cleaning (preventing heavy dirt from setting and reducing the need for another full wash).

Most of our products are Global Green Tag certified (one of the world’s most trusted eco-labels). They are biodegradable, contain no harsh chemicals, non-hazardous, non-toxic, cruelty-free and Vegan.

Invest in our planet - Invest in your sneakers

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