How To Clean Your White Knit adidas Ultraboosts

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How To Clean Your White Knit adidas Ultraboosts
The adidas Ultraboosts are notoriously known for their hard to clean boosts! We managed to get our hands on a dirty pair. Here is a step by step guide of how to clean, care for and protect your Boosts.
Have a read through or watch the video to find out how.
Step 1:

Prep your shoes by using a dry brush and scrub off any excess dirt. Gently use the brush as you don’t want to harm the knit of your shoes. Give them a tap to remove any leftover dirt. Then remove the laces as we will clean them at a later stage.
Step 2:

Since the knit of the Ultra Boost is delicate, the safest way to clean them is to use our Sneaker Wipes. This will ensure that you don’t harm any materials by scrubbing too vigorously with a brush.

Use the wipe with a dab and twist motion as well as scrubbing. To tackle the dirtier areas, you can generously spray our Sneaker Cleaner solution and continue using the wipe. Dip the wipe into some water to create more moisture if needed.

turn your attention to the midsoles

Step 3:

Once the uppers are clean, you can turn your attention to the midsoles. The boost sole is notoriously hard to clean as the dirt gets into the material. You will need a container with water, our Sneaker Cleaner, and our Premium Brush. Spray Sneaker Cleaner around the midsole of the sneaker and dip your brush into the container of water.

Scrub the brush on heavily dirtied areas applying the necessary pressure.

Rinse the brush and reapply Sneaker Cleaner when necessary, paying attention to those hard to reach places.

Use our Micro-Fibre towel to partially dry them off, and set them aside to dry.

Step 4:

To clean your laces, generously apply Sneaker Cleaner to your laces, rub them together between your hands and then dip them in water. Continue this process until your laces are well saturated, ring out a bit of the water and then leave the laces to dry overnight.

the last step!

Step 5:

Once your laces and shoes are dry, lace up your kicks in preparation for applying our Protectors.

Generously spray the inside of your sneakers with our Odor Protector. If the insoles come out you can spray these and set aside to dry.

Lastly, use our Sneaker Protector to give your sneakers a protective layer and to make cleans in the future easier.

And that was our step by step guide on how to clean your knit sneakers.

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