Sneaker LAB X Sentinel Ocean Alliance - World Oceans Day Beach Clean Up

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Sneaker LAB X Sentinel Ocean Alliance - World Oceans Day Beach Clean Up
The 8th June marked World Oceans Day. A day which provided us with the opportunity to further highlight and raise awareness for the significance of our oceans and the role that they play in sustaining a healthy planet. This year, the United Nations World Oceans Day theme was Revitalization: Collective Action for the Ocean.
We decided to follow this theme and collectively take action against the ocean plastic problem on our hands, through proudly collaborating with Sentinel Ocean Alliance for a World Oceans Day Beach Cleanup. Keeping plastic out of our oceans is incredibly important for us, which is why we use up to 40% recycled plastic in our bottles (with all of them being fully recyclable themselves).
On the 8th June our team were joined by other passionate participants in the community to intercept the plastic waste covering the Hout Bay Coastline. A total of 72 participants worked together and managed to collect 94kg of plastic waste. Of this plastic, 13% was able to be recycled.
The top 5 plastic polluters from this cleanup were:

- Sweet wrappers (601)

- Chip packets (101)

- Cooldrink lids (90)

- Cigarette butts (70)

- Disposable masks (46)

At the end of the cleanup, each participant was encouraged to take a pledge, relaying the active steps which they would be taking to fight plastic waste going forward.
Established in 2018, Sentinel Ocean Alliance have been working hard to address the harsh disparities between the advantaged and disadvantaged communities throughout South Africa. The Non-Profit Organization (founded by Frank Solomon - a professional big wave surfer) run a variety of comprehensive programs that assist in educating the community about the ocean, while providing a safe space to implement youth development programs and environmental initiatives which ultimately foster a deep found love for the ocean.
Over the years they have developed their own swimming program - Turn The Tide, established the Hout Bay Surf Lifesaving Club as well as partnered with Waves for Change (a mental health program that uses surfing as a means of therapy). In 2020, with the support of Parley For The Oceans, they launched the world’s first Parley Ocean School.

As a Non-Profit Organization, they rely on volunteers to assist in achieving their mission of creating ocean-based opportunities and environmental education to at-risk youth. To find out more about how you can get involved, follow the link below:


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