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The Kave exists to curate cultural gatherings of like-minded individuals to celebrate the art of music; the gift of talent; and the power of ‘togetherness’.
In addition to facilitating cultural gatherings, The Kave’s ultimate goal is to provide a platform for underrepresented artists and tackle obstacles within the music industry.

This is done by fostering opportunities for the artists they book to build their image, expand their network, engage directly with their audiences, grow their skills, further extend their reach, expand their influence and much more.

The music is the heart and soul of The Kave.

Artists often find themselves unable to explore their own musical taste through their craft because crowds and audiences have been confined to the latest trending sound on social media platforms and are reluctant to break into something new.

The Kave stands to change this narrative.

Visual architects Initiative

This collaboration has seen the birth of the “Visual Architects” initiative where Creative Director, Jesse and Founder, Kane, identify visual artists from various backgrounds within the community in order to share their art and style across The Kave’s platform.

As an example of this initiative, graffiti artist "Malay 764", did a redesign to The Kave's logo for the Vol. 3 as well as created individual artwork for the featured artists on the line up in his signature graffiti style. He also created a mural for the event, which was used to further showcase his talent at The Kave Vol. 3 event.

South Africa To The World


More often than not, a memorable experience is desired. Whether the experience be the music, the art, or the feeling of freedom you experience by being able to be your most creative self. Each volume of The Kave thus far has showcased a new and unique concept, from the creation of an “XXL Freshmen Mag” shoot for Vol. 2 or having artists for Vol. 3 select their own photoshoot location in order to capture them in their most creative & inspirational space.

The Kave has opened up the space where creativity and variation is encouraged and audiences find themselves increasingly open and embracive to the various Sounds of The Kave.

At the LAB, we are always on board to support the sound and community of our home base.


How The Kave Came To Life

Kane, A cape town based hip hop, amapiano and RnB DJ, model and curator is the founder of The Kave. Kane’s sole vision behind this event was to create a prestigious platform housed in Cape Town that will allow creatives and likeminded individuals to use it as a metric to expand their own careers forward. The idea of The Kave is fully allow creatives of all avenues to unlock their creative selves without feeling the need to conform to industry or societal norms, this is where Jesse Jewels steps into play.

Instagram: @iamkane_dj

Jesse, the Creative Director behind The Kave works hand in hand with Kane to help create unique & visually impactful campaigns used to dive the Kave’s promotional material and roll outs.

Instagram: @jessejewelzzz

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