Crocs X Sneaker LAB 'Crocs Cleaning Wipe'

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Crocs X Sneaker LAB 'Crocs Cleaning Wipe'
In a ground-breaking collaboration that combines comfort and environmental consciousness, footwear giant Crocs has partnered with Sneaker LAB to unveil their latest innovation...
The "Crocs Cleaning Wipes"
These eco-friendly Sneaker Wipes represent a significant step towards a more sustainable future for Crocs maintenance, aligning with both companies’ commitment to reduce their environmental footprint and to prolong the life of your beloved Crocs.
With the global focus on sustainability and the growing demand for eco-conscious products, Crocs and Sneaker LAB have recognized the need for innovative solutions in the footwear industry.

Launching in Crocs stores across South Africa.
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The Crocs Cleaning Wipes are poised to revolutionize how you care for your Crocs while leaving a lighter impact on the planet. The collaboration between Crocs and Sneaker LAB was driven by their shared values of environmental stewardship. Crocs, known for its iconic clogs and innovative footwear, has made significant strides in reducing its carbon footprint by introducing sustainable materials and practices into its manufacturing processes.

Crocs are for anyone and everyone, and so are our Crocs Cleaning Wipes!

Come As You Are, Clean As You Go!

Sneaker LAB, a pioneer in sneaker care products, has a reputation for its commitment to environmental responsibility. Their expertise in creating eco-friendly solutions for sneaker enthusiasts perfectly complements Crocs’ mission to offer sustainable alternatives to consumers.

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