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Sneakerjagers x Sneaker LAB
Sneakerjagers X Sneaker LAB, "One Extremely Good Sneaker Care Kit", was released on the 24th of April. Leading up to the release, our Founder and CEO, Jo Farah, visited Sneakerjagers in the Netherlands. Jo chatted to them about how Sneaker LAB came to life, our mission, sustainability and whats next for us!
Sneakerjagers used their experience, passion and expertise to evolve from the most used sneaker search engine in the Netherlands, to THE European platform for sneakers. They say whether you're the lover, the styler, the expert, the trend-setter, the sneakerhead, the retro lover, young or old - with more than 500, 000 sneakers from over 150 sneaker shops, they can help you find the sneakers you want in your size.
One Extremely Good Sneaker Care Kit

The Sneakerjagers x Sneaker LAB One Extremely Good Sneaker Care Kit consists of the following products.

Sneaker Cleaner - An eco-friendly, biodegradable cleaning solution that cleans on a microscopic level for up to 72 hours after application.

Odor Protector - Prevents and eliminates unwanted odor emitting bacteria. Our pro-bacterial formula continues to work long after application for fresh clean kicks.

Premium Brush - Made from bamboo and recycled materials, perfect for deep cleaning sneakers.

Sneaker Protector - A water-based solution that absorbs into the fabric's fibers to form a long-lasting barrier against dirt.

2 Sneaker Wipes - Perfect for taking with you on the go.
"Sneaker cleaning kits that are not only good for sneakers, but also give back to the planet and the community - it sounds almost too good to be true. Yet Jo Farah, founder of Sneaker LAB, has succeeded in doing so. The South African-based brand has been committed for years to developing the best and most sustainable products for cleaning sneakers, and with success."

"Take care of what you love"

"With Sneaker LAB, we try to do our part to make the world a better place," says Farah. "We are transparent in how we operate and focus on every step we take on what impact it has on the world." This, of course, also applies to the people who use Sneaker LAB. "Know that when you buy something with our logo on it, you are already contributing in some way to taking care of the planet."

"For us, the community is the most important thing,"

"We want to educate the consumer about taking care of what they have. We are against fast fashion and want to teach our audience how to make a change. That is the most important thing for us."

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