Joining the Treevolution: Sneaker LAB partners with GreenPop and WeForest

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Joining the Treevolution: Sneaker LAB partners with GreenPop and WeForest
A green future
Sneaker LAB is committed to the Future of Sneaker Care and the future of our world. It’s why our products are environmentally friendly and biodegradable, and our all packaging is recyclable. By supporting projects like Greenpop and WeForest we’re committing to help create a better future.
Africa on the rise
As a proudly South African company, Sneaker LAB is deeply invested in the future of Africa. It’s an exciting place, full of bustle and rapid growth. It is also the world’s fastest urbanizing continent, which means that as the population rises and urban spaces increase; ecosystems and natural habitats are under threat. As cities grow and spread there is a need to protect natural spaces and make them part of urban landscapes.

Looking to a sustainable future

Sneaker LAB has partnered with Greenpop, a Cape Town based NGO and WeForest, a global organization committed to restoring forests for climate change and conserving and restoring ecosystems across. Greenpop’s has planted a total of 111,903 trees to date and WeForest have planted a total of 20,939,921 trees to date. Through WeForest, we have committed to planting 2,000 trees by September 2019 in Africa.

Our commitment

Sneaker LAB has committed to donate a portion of each sale toward Greenpop and WeForest.

What good will planting trees do?

Put simply, trees support life. By partnering with both Greenpop and WeForest, we are helping to restore and conserve ecosystems that provide homes for animals, restore groundwater, prevent soil erosion, produce oxygen and reduce man-kinds carbon footprint.

Greener is good

In Africa, where there is a huge disparity between ‘leafy’ privileged areas and ‘barren’ underprivileged ones, making urban spaces greener helps to create a sense of pride of place. Research shows that living in green neighborhoods also reduces stress and aids recovery from illness.

Watch this space for further updates on how we are giving back to the planet.

Find out more about Greenpop and WeForest and the work they do at

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