Superkicks x Sneaker LAB Sneaker Wipes

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Superkicks x Sneaker LAB Sneaker Wipes
Sneaker LAB is excited to announce our collaboration with Indian retailer Superkicks on our Sneaker Wipes!
We have been working with the incredible team at Superkicks for a while now and thought it was the right time to create a collab product to offer to the Superkicks audience. This was an exciting project to work on and to bring a fresh look and feel to our Sneaker Wipes. You can now shop the Superkicks x Sneaker LAB Sneaker Wipes on Superkicks’ website and in-store.
Superkicks was founded in 2018 by sneaker enthusiast Sangeet Paryani, and now has a strong presence in India with three retail outlets in Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru and a dedicated e-commerce website.
Superkicks caters to the demands of sneaker enthusiasts across the country with its range of super cool sneakers from major brands, available in India to provide for an increase in demand for streetwear and footwear. India is the second-largest footwear market after China and in that, sneakers and running shoes have been performing impressively well.
Here’s what Sangeet Paryani had to say about sneaker culture when talking to, “The sneaker culture in India is growing the fastest as compared to any other category even in the footwear industry simply because now people are looking at ways to express themselves and they want to find different ways to do that. Also, the influence of Instagram and the global culture is seeping in now more than ever. People are getting to know about different sneakers and the context/ story behind them and one can expect this to be growing exponentially in the coming years".
"Even as the sneaker community is still small in India, it has grown tremendously over the past 3 years. From having no-sneaker stores, to multi retail sneaker boutique powerhouses, sneaker resale stores, sneaker after products, sneaker care services, and more, we can indeed say the sneaker culture has grown. We are now seeing the emergence of smaller sneaker festivals in India. More international brands are entering the market and bringing in new variants, collabs, and models.”

Be sure to check out our collab Sneaker Wipes and purchase them here.

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