Merging Science and Nature


With a global movement towards consciousness and sustainability becoming more apparent, more brands are looking to Biotech as a solution.

We’ve broken down this innovative technology to give you a better understanding of how it can help to reduce our carbon footprint.

What is Biotechnology?

Biotech might sound complex, however it’s pretty simple: Biotechnology involves using the make-up of natural living organisms or systems, instead of using soaps and chemicals, to develop or make products. 

What does biotechnology mean for the planet?

Products and solutions made from Biotech are less harmful to the environment as they don’t contain any harmful chemicals that cause pollution or off-set our natural eco-systems. Compared to products containing chemicals, Biotechnology is safer for the environment and for individuals too.

Why have we chosen Biotechnology at Sneaker LAB?

Products made from biotechnology have highly specialized properties which means that they treat dirt better than traditional products. This technology completely breaks down dirt rather than only displacing it. Another major benefit is that because the bacteria is alive, it continues to clean long after application.

Doing our bit for the environment is very important to us. Not only are our solutions
biodegradable, but we also use recyclable packaging to decrease our global footprint. Using Biotech to minimize our impact on the planet was an easy choice.

Watch this space to see how Sneaker LAB is continuously innovating.  


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