Nice x Sneaker LAB Collab

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Nice x Sneaker LAB Collab
We are excited to announce our latest collaboration with NICE, a new division of NICE KICKS that focuses on all things good and... nice.
This collab features the iconic NICE logo in red wrapped around our trusty 30 Sneaker Wipes, 12 Sneakers Wipes, and a sleeve that goes over our Deluxe Kit that contains all of the essential sneaker care products needed to keep your kicks looking fresh.

This collab represents what NICE and Sneaker LAB stand for and provides us a way of giving back. Through this collaboration all proceeds generated will be donated to two charity partners, Caritas of Austin and WeForest.
The Sneaker LAB x Nice collection is available July 23rd with the Deluxe Kit retailing for $37.99, the 30 Pack wipes for $21.99, and the 12 pack wipes for $10.99.
The proceeds are being split between WeForest and Caritas of Austin on each dollar received.


WeForest believes in forests as a solution to climate change as afforestation and reforestation can remove around 29% of the 730 billion tons of CO2 needed to be removed in the 21st century to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Staying under a 2-degree temperature rise is vital to save the planet. WeForest goes about this by collaborating with communities around the world and strategically building out a plan to ensure forests will be protected in the long run. The goal is to have over 100 million trees restored or conserved by the end of 2024, making a significant contribution to the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration. The UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration aims to prevent, halt, and reverse the degradation of ecosystems on the planet and can help end poverty, combat climate change, and prevent mass extinction.


Caritas of Austin’s mission is to end homelessness in central Texas. They believe people should have a safe home, access to healthy groceries, jobs that provide a reliable living wage, and educational opportunities to learn life skills. They do this by providing housing programs, food programs, educational classes, job placement, and career development, and a Veterans assistance program.

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