Air Max Day 2020

Nike’s Air Max Day has been a widely celebrated day for sneaker heads and lovers of the iconic swoosh. Happening on 26 March since 2014, the day started from humble beginnings to simply celebrate the brand’s most famous line and has since transformed into a global event.

2014: 27 years on

Back in 1987, designer Tinker Hatfield, inspired by the George Pompidou Centre and its glass tubes and red stairs, the Air Max was born. A shoe that was both fashionable and comfortable would be the beginning of this incredible range.

George Pompidou Centre

Image: ArchDaily

27 years on from the initial release of the Air Max 1, a re-release would be released to commemorate this famed sneaker. This Air Max 1 stayed true to the original colorway except the addition of a piercing yellow “Volt” sole and 3.26 stitched on the tongue. This year also saw events pop up in New York, Los Angeles, and Shanghai.

2015: The One before the 1

The second edition in 2015 saw Nike step up their game following the huge reaction from the media and their community. They released the Nike Air Max Zero (The One before the 1), which was a lost design during the manufacturing process. The Nike Air Max Zero became the focal point for this Air Max Day driving events around 26 key cities around the world. This year also had Nike show love to their “Air-heads” by documenting the individuals that love their Air through the Air Max Archives

Nike Air Max Zero

Image: Nike

2016: HTM

2016’s Air Max Day saw Nike drop three new shoes from Hiroshi Fujiwara, Tinker Hatfield and Mark Parker. Fujiwara making the Air Max LD Zero H, Hatfield the Air Max 90 Ultra Superfly T, and Parker the Air Max Ultra M.

Nike Air Max Day HTM

Furthermore, they travelled around the globe filming the Masters of Air documentary interviewing nine of the biggest Nike sneaker collectors (some with over 40 000 shoes). This year also introduced Air Max Con that provided sneaker heads an opportunity in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and New York to view rare Air Max designs and giving collectors the opportunity to buy/sell their own.

2017: 30th anniversary

Nike pulled out all the stops for the 30th anniversary of Air Max. So much so that the actual day was extended into a whole month. Nike listened to their community and their requests. They added fly knit technology to the Air Max 90, re-released the LD1000, re-released the OG Air Max 1 in its original colorways and they opened up a vote to decide which Air Max 1 should be brought back into production as well as a future iteration of the shoe designed by cultural figures through “RevolutionAir” (this is how Sean Wotherspoon’s legendary 1/97 VF came about) and the release of the Nike Air Max Vapormax.

2017 was stacked with releases and content and Nike didn’t stop there. The brand had a series of events and takeovers around the globe. Los Angeles played host to a block party with Travis Scott, New York saw a Times Square Billboard takeover, China had “Airland” open up, and Japan saw a Nike national treasure museum open its doors.

2018: Collaborate

Wotherspoon’s Air Max 1/97 finally got their official release and became a must have for any Nike fan. The brand also introduced a new model to the family - the Air Max 270, featuring a more prominent view of Air than ever before. Due to the success of Wotherspoon’s unique design, Nike were excited to get more collaborations in. This birthed the “Nike: On Air” concept, where Nike brought thousands of participants to workshops in New York City, London, Paris, Seoul, Shanghai and Tokyo, where locals dreamed up shoe designs inspired by their communities. Eventually the finalists would be announced and their designs would be released in 2019.

2019: Give back

2019 saw the releases of the winners from Nike: On Air and introduced the Air Max 98 “La Mezcla” by Gabrielle Serrano, the Air Max 97 “SH Kaleidoscope” by Cash Ru, the Air Max 97 “London Summer of Love” by Jasmine Lasode, the Air Max 1 “Tokyo Maze” by Yuta Takuman, the Air Max 97 “Neon Seoul” by Gwang Shin and the Air VaporMax Plus “Paris Works in Progress” by Lou Matheron.

Nike On Air Winners

Image: Nike

In addition to these drops, Nike’s “Have a Nike Day” pack released and introduced retro pastel color blocking and a catchy tagline.

This year was also about giving back through the “Give Fresh Air” campaign where the brand asked fans to donate new and gently worn sneakers at select retail stores including Kith, Concepts, Social Status, Undefeated and more to benefit local communities.

2020: Whats in store?

Here's to seeing what happens in 2020. Being the 30th anniversary of the Air Max 90, be sure to expect some crazy releases as well as a possible re-release of the Infrared Air Max 90. The Air Max 2090 has been confirmed for a release and this futuristic nod to its predecessors is a sight to behold. 

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