Sneaker LAB Supports Local School Through Daily Nutritious Meals

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Sneaker LAB Supports Local School Through Daily Nutritious Meals
Portia Primary School is a public school situated in Lansdown, Cape Town, South Africa, that is home to around 700 students.
The school is supported by the Peninsula School Feeding Association and is one of the schools that Sneaker LAB are providing daily meals to for a year.
We have partnered with three local schools for the next year.
The schools are filled with so many bright minds which is why it is important to us, at Sneaker LAB, that we support their education through nutritious meals. Enabling them the capacity to focus, learn and grow.

A few members of the Sneaker LAB team recently paid the school a visit to learn more about how we will be helping them over the next year!

We met with PSFA Fundraising Manager Charles Grey and Kevin Velensky, principal of Portia Primary, for a school tour.

Velensky explained to us that the school identifies the children that need to be fed based on certain criteria, for example, fainting and constant fatigue. The number of children the school feeds varies, often depending on the identification and circumstance.

We had the pleasure of meeting Maggie, the school’s chef! She prepares two hearty and healthy meals a day for each child. The school has a small vegetable garden that the grade four pupils planted and take care of. This teaches them the importance of nutrition and gives them an understanding of responsibility. Whatever is grown in this garden is added to the meals that Maggie makes.
Our donations to the school help feed the selected children as well as supply the school with gas to cook and prepare the daily meals.

Portia Primary embraces their ‘Africanacity’ with the diversity of their students, having students from NINE different African counties.

We look forward to a successful year together!

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