The Future of Cleaning is Now

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The Future of Cleaning is Now
Let us talk about the difference between traditional and the future of cleaning.
Standard or traditional cleaning products, that most have all come to know very well and pop on your regular monthly household shopping list, rely on harsh chemicals to break down dirt and kill “99.9% of germs”.
These products may ‘work’, but they do come with a rather large pay-off.
These harsh chemicals are both harsh on the environment and harsh on us. Not only that, but research has shown that exposing some bad bacteria, or pathogens, to low concentrations of harsh chemicals like antiseptics and disinfectants can make them stronger. By making them stronger they are more harmful to us and the environment as they become increasingly difficult to kill.

Did you know that over 97% of bacteria are good for you?

With a growing global movement of healthier lifestyle habits and a greener way of living, innovative cleaning options are at the forefront in reducing our negative effects on both ourselves and the planet.

Cleaning with probiotics relies on the natural power of bacteria. Not all bacteria are bad, in fact – did you know that over 97% of bacteria are good for you? Probiotic cleaning solutions use these good bacteria to do what they do naturally. In nature, bacteria produce enzymes to break down big molecules of dirt and organic matter into smaller molecules which they can digest as fuel to grow and divide and multiply. This process, makes them perfect workhorses for cleaning your home, your sneakers, and nearly everything and anything in between.

It is through this innovative cleaning power that will depict the future of cleaning.

Probiotics, in other terms, good bacteria are also good for the environment. They don’t rely on harsh chemicals to do the work for them - making it completely green and natural, which is why it makes them the perfect alternative cleaning solution for any application.

The great added benefit of this natural way of cleaning is the ability for these good bacteria to keep you safe against harmful bacteria. By flooding any surface with good bacteria, these outnumber the bad bacteria by the millions, outcompeting them for nutrients and space. Research shows that probiotic cleaning solutions are 95% more effective at reducing the level of bacterial pathogens than standard disinfectants.

Here at Sneaker LAB, we’ve created a solution that includes a handful of natural bacteria to be our cleaning powerhouses for a variety of care applications. We offer you a cleaning solution that is good for you, your health, and your environment. On top of that, we’ve added in additional concentrated natural enzymes to make sure the good bacteria get a head start, giving you a better cleaning power both now, and later.

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