Top Tips To Take Care Of Your Running Shoes

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Top Tips To Take Care Of Your Running Shoes
Today we celebrate World Running Day which is held annually on the first Wednesday of June.
So we thought this would be the perfect time to share our top tips for looking after your running shoes and prolonging their life!
If you're stuck asking when to clean running shoes, how to wash running shoes, how to make your running shoes last longer... we have the answers!

Check our top tips below:

1. Be Consistent With Cleaning

Leaving your shoes in a dirty state can reduce the quality of the rubber used in the sole and it contributes to a build up of bacteria that you ultimately take along with you everywhere you go. If you run daily, you'll avoid deep cleaning after every run as your sneakers may not dry in time for your next run. This is why its important to understand your running routine and schedule in when you'll clean your shoes. We'd suggest your deep cleans occur when you have a rest day and do a proper deep clean to keep them fresh. Our Basic Kit will do just the trick and will work on most running shoe materials. Another way to practice good hygiene with your running shoes is to use our Sneaker Wipes. They'll be perfect for quick spot cleans after a run and will prevent heavy dirt from setting into your shoes. These are particularly handy if you have to jump into your car after a trail run to avoid spreading any dirt or dust.

2. Don't Use The Washing Machine

You should never put your running shoes in the washing machine. It drastically reduces the holding capacity of the glue which can cause the shoes to tear apart and may break down the mesh and stitches. This will result in your running shoes either falling apart or a noticeable reduction in support when you run.
3. Take Care Of Bad Odor

There's nothing worse than smelly shoes! Over time there will be a build up of bacteria that will start to cause a bad smell. In order to protect your nose and to make sure your feet feel fresh when you run we suggest using our Odor Protector. This solution will eat away at the source of the smell and not just mask the smell. After a run simply spray your inner soles and the inside of your shoes with Odor Protector and leave to dry.

4. Proper Storage

Its important to store your running shoes in a dry place at room temperature. Make sure that its not in direct sunlight as this will lead to oxidization on the shoe that can cause yellowing of your soles or any white components on the running shoes. Its also important not to place your running shoes in a box or bag as it will prevent air circulation and increase the accumulation of bad bacteria.

5. Protect Them

Our last tip for your running shoes is to use a protector. Our Sneaker Protector will create an invisible barrier against dirt, stains and UV Rays. This will protect your running shoes from the elements wherever you go. It will also make any cleaning easier in the future!

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