Why Biotechnology is the Future

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Why Biotechnology is the Future
What is Biotechnology?
Biotechnology is defined as the application of nature’s biology and it’s processes for industrial benefit in the production of goods and services.
This is a rapidly developing field of research, where individuals and organisations look to nature to help streamline and optimise industrial processes.
Biotechnology is by no means a new science; society has been benefiting from biotechnology for years, but recently the interest in the field has increased immensely.

Sneaker LAB’s cleaning solutions are based on biotechnology.

Instead of consulting biotechnology to answer only complex, unsolved problems, we are looking more and more to biotechnology to redesign and optimise established industrial processes.

Sneaker LAB’s cleaning solutions are based on biotechnology. Instead of relying on harsh, synthetic chemicals, we looked to nature to find an environmentally friendly cleaner. The field of biotechnology can be an extremely intricate and complex field, but its environmentally friendly solutions are largely beneficial to the sustainability of our planet.

We're constantly striving to be more conscious.

Microorganisms have an impressive ability to break down compounds in order to gain nutrients for their survival. By adding good bacteria into a solution, we are able to exploit their natural ability to break down fats and oils for our benefit. Sneaker LAB’s relationship with these good bacteria is a mutually beneficial partnership. Applying our cleaning solution to your sneakers provides these bacteria with food and a place to live, while you benefit from an in-house cleaning service.

Through our cutting edge technology, becoming more green-conscious and sustainable is something Sneaker LAB is continuously striving toward.

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