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We partnered up with Pot Plant Club to create a line of sustainably made Earth Day-themed T-shirts to convey our messaging.
Pot Plant Club is a multi-brand streetwear boutique and skate store, as well as an event space and coffee shop, located in Bree Street in the heart of Cape Town’s inner city.

Pot Plant Club aims to invigorate youth culture and provide a sustainable retail solution to small and emerging brands and be a home for young people with interests lying in the creative arts, while offering an accessible gateway into local and international cultural movements.

Making of the Tees

These T-shirts were not produced in an ordinary method.

Constructed from a 180GSM reject cotton roll that would not have been used otherwise, we have made use of Tumeric and Beetroot as a natural dye to create a spectrum of colourful tees - from cream to bright yellow and light pink, and Eco Ink to screenprint the artwork.

Seeded Swing Tags

In addition to the sustainable and eco-friendly approach to the production of these Tees, we've added an extra element. The swing tag that comes with each tee, displaying our messaging is made out of seeded paper that can be planted and will grow into tomatoes.

In addition to this, as is always our message, we want to provide a solution for prolonging the life of these T-shirts. With the purchase of each collaboration T-shirt, we are giving away a box of our Apparel Wipes, which also comes with a tomatoes seeded sleeve.


Bo-Kaap Helpers, run by Abieda Charles, is a communal vegetable garden in the heart and soul of Cape Town, South Africa. This vegetable garden located in the Bo-Kaap is open to the entire community, allowing residents to come and harvest as they please to take back home.

Proceeds from the sales of these sustainably made T-shirts will go towards Bo-Kaap Helpers and Abieda's garden on top of the contribution we have made for the planting and growing of vegetables.

Words from Abieda Charles

How did your communal veggie garden come to life?

"It started with myself and two other ladies, they heard about me wanting to plant after retiring and applied for a space with the City of Cape Town which then got approved. On 26 September 2019, the Department of Recreation gave us permission to start planting." "Through Covid season, 2020 and 2021, I was exclusively planting. In 2022, our garden was chosen as one of the spaces for the extended public rewards program, whereby the City pays homeless individuals to take part in community work, from there, members of the Super Trouper organisation assisted us in working within the garden and planting throughout the park."

Why do you love doing what you do?

"Working in corporate for 36 years, I always yearned to take off the corporate wear. I could always envision myself in a gardening space but I have a very small garden and stoep (South African word for Porch) the passion was always there but I was always too busy with raising children and other responsibilities, so when this opportunity came along in the year I was retiring, I thought it was perfect."


To launch the collaboration we spent the day with friends and family planting seeds and trees as well as maintaining the garden beds with new equipment.

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